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My bestie plus I have been ordering items from the Denver dispensary close to our apartment.

The people I was with and I have ordered from the dispensary a number of times plus we have never had any complications at all.

Even when both of us have items delivered, the orders are constantly right. I’ve never had a driver show up with items missing from our bag. They clearly double check everything for accuracy before it leaves the store, then my bestie plus I ordered some items from the marijuana dispensary on Thursday. The people I was with and I ordered items on Thursday evening, so both of us could take advantage of the special plus the next morning both of us expected our delivery. The people I was with and I chose the time spot of more than eight on tell 11… We’ve chosen this time spot in the past plus the drivers are usually closer to 11. My bestie plus I were both surprised when the Denver marijuana delivery repair driver showed up at 9:10. My bestie plus I were just waking up when the driver buzzed the building with the delivery. At first, I thought it was some kids playing with the intercom. I threw on some clothes really hastily plus went to the front door. I buzzed the driver into the building plus she came upstairs with our order. I was so surprised to see the girl early in the morning that I gave him a huge tip. Instead of giving the Denver marijuana delivery driver 10 bucks, I gave him a crisp $20 bill. That was the fastest delivery times that both of us have ever seen plus both of us were cheerful to wake up with new marijuana strains to smoke.


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