Ann Arbor and the cannabis you can find

After I left Washtenaw County to live in the southern United States for a few years, people never believed myself and others about the progressive stance towards marijuana back home. Forget about the new legal status of recreational marijuana in MI, it has been decriminalized in my hometown of Ann Arbor since the early 1972s. In the south you could get arrested if a cop found a single roach or weed seed in your car. I had a acquaintance of mine who had a perfect score on his SAT plus yet got expelled from private school just a few months before graduation after something tragic occurred with a stray cannabis seed in his car. A cop was looking through his driver side window at a can of tea in his cup holder after initially mistaking it for beer. However, he looked closer plus saw a seed resting next to a stray Bic lighter plus that was all the probable cause that he needed to initiate a search of the vehicle. Even though my acquaintance didn’t have weed with him that day or in his motorcar at all that week, they inspected the seed plus then expelled him when the results came back. Ann Arbor Police might supply you a ticket if they bust you for being negligent with cannabis in public, however that’s usually if they get a complaint or you’re smoking a joint in plain view of an officer of the law. Much of the time they would rather avoid cannabis calls plus focus on more pressing matters at hand, adore violence, theft, or sexual assault. I still couldn’t convince my friends that my hometown had a literal “pot fine” instead of an arrest-mindset.

Recreational Cannabis Ann Arbor MI