If you find yourself in Las Vegas, that's great

Last summer, I headed to Las Vegas, NV, with many of our friends! My oldest acquaintance Sally had gone to university in Las Vegas, and she wanted to go back for their 10th year reunion! It surprised me when she invited Annie and me to go along with her; We knew we could not go to the class reunion, but we were all going to share the cost of the room.

While she was at the reunion, Annie and I took off to check out the casinos, however the first thing Annie and I found was a recreational marijuana dispensary.

We both felt enjoy little kids and clapped our hands. We both picked out some marijuana infused chips to take back to the room… On our way out, we noticed there was a cannabis café about a block away from where we were. It was hard to mistake the café, because of everyone who were kneeling outside on the sidewalk at small tables and chairs. We had not had dinner, so we checked it out. Instead of eating food, we tried the cupcakes. I had a cup of coffee, and she had a glass of milk to go with her cupcake. We were on our way back to the hotel with our marijuana goodies when the coffee and cupcake hit me. I realized why it was called a cannabis café. They infused everything they sold with marijuana. I looked at Annie and told her I didn’t assume I was going home, and if she ever found yourself in Las Vegas again, she should look me up. Two weeks after we got home, Annie and I were packing everything we owned and moving to Las Vegas, NV. We were going to open our own cannabis café.

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