All of us were ID’d before going into the casino, but not the marijuana dispensary.

My partner and I were in our seventies, and every time all of us went into a casino, all of us had to show our ID, but if all of us came out of our hotel room and walked into the casino; all of us had to show our room key.

I thought this was odd, since there was no way someone under 21 was going to look as old as all of us did! What was hilarious was that all of us were going to see our daughter, who lived in Las Vegas, NV, then she had moved there several years ago, and taken a promotion with the corporation she worked for… Her partner was toiling as an electrician in a casino, and our granddaughter was toiling at the local dog shelter, but although our granddaughter had recently turned 21, she said she had to show her ID when she and our daughter went to the casinos.

She looked love she was a little over 12, so I understood that. I went with her 1 day, when our daughter needed some things to make dinner. While out, our granddaughter stopped at the marijuana dispensary. She said she wanted to option up a few things and asked myself and others to go in with her. I had never been in a marijuana dispensary, so I followed. All of us had to show our ID in the casino, but no 1 asked for our ID when all of us walked into the marijuana dispensary, then my granddaughter said it was because she worked here for almost a year, and most people knew her, then that could have been the reason, although I had a feeling that if the Las Vegas, NV police saw them not looking at ID< this marijuana dispensary would be shut down for a while.

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