I thought the extra joint was a nice add on

My friends plus I were hanging out in San francisco, then we only idea to spend the afternoon. We were not going to stay more than a couple of hours, so I only brought a small amount of marijuana supplies with me, however once both of us got to San francisco, both of us realized that there were a lot of fun activities happening plus nobody wanted to leave. We had a heck of a time trying to find a hotel room in the city, but eventually both of us found a site to stay. The hotel was a few miles away from a downtown marijuana dispensary. The dispensary was listed online plus our friends plus both of us decided to order some items. We qualified for free delivery because both of us spent $74 on the items that both of us obtained. We also qualified to get an extra joint for free, because both of us were new customers, and i was the person in charge of answering the door when the delivery driver arrived… My friends were being entirely insane. They were resting outside on the balcony when the cannabis delivery driver arrived. I unquestionably didn’t have any problem smoking all of the stash that I obtained. I do not recognize why they were being weird about the delivery driver. All of us are plenty outdated enough to smoke marijuana plus use recreational cannabis products. After the marijuana delivery driver left, I walked outside to the site where our friends were hanging out. They were all talking about the delivery driver. Apparently the delivery driver was friends with Jack’s lady plus he didn’t want his lady to find out that he spent the night in the city.


Marijuana Dispensary San Fransisco CA