Can I use my joint here?

I knew that Denver, CO had unusual laws for the United Statesge of marijuana than all of us had up north… Until the last multiple years, all of us didn’t even have legal, medical marijuana, but from what I understood, Denver, CO also had legal recreational marijuana, but they have unusual parameters for recreational than they have for medical marijuana, in the amount they are allowed to purchase, then iI wondered if there was a difference in where you were allowed to use recreational marijuana than where you can use medical marijuana.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when I found out you could use marijuana in licensed marijuana hospitality businesses, and licensed retail marijuana hospitality and sales businesses.

These dealers may be located in an area where there is a retail food established, and you can not use medical or recreational marijuana in those marijuana hospitality areas if it is located near a liquor-licensed establishment. The two of us cannot use marijuana in any business that does not have a marijuana hospitality business license or a retail marijuana hospitality and sales license. I guessed it was safe to say that you were allowed to use marijuana products in your home, but don’t go out on the porch. I understand the reasoning behind where you can and can’t use marijuana, and I felt Denver, CO laws were fair! My fiance thought he should be able to use his medical marijuana someplace on his property… He thought that if all of us ever moved to Denver, CO; he was going to run for a local office and push to have slacker laws with marijuana. I didn’t say a word as I went to my office.
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