These are my responsibilities

I assume bad for the people taking on overtime toil right now and don’t have a choice in the matter whatsoever.

When I was a lot younger and had no other responsibilities in life beyond myself and my bills, I loved taking on overtime toil because it meant more money in my pocket.

I wasn’t adverse to the long hours at toil while we were in the week when I knew it would all be worth it once I go to the bar by Wednesday evening. But now that I have a family, working overtime is difficult to juggle with my other responsibilities in life. If I need to drive my youngsters to many extracurricular activities, I can’t be at the office all night being a workhorse for my managers. I toil a task where I suppose what my expectations are and that isn’t surpassed by my superiors when they suppose and understand my constraints at home. If they need someone to toil overtime, they have a few guys and gals who are single and ecstatic to make the extra money. My Heating, Ventilation plus A/C worker was servicing my heating and cooling plan the other day and said she had 7 repairs to complete in Pinellas Park that day. She came to my apartment in West Tampa first before jumping on 272 and crossing the Howard Franklin Bridge. Now that we are firmly within the summer time season, people are calling for cooling system repairs all of the time. It’s hard for my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C supplier to keep up with the demand if their existing workers are already taxed enough as it is.

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