I like rain and sunny days

I don’t think that you can live in Seattle if you don’t like the rain and cloudy days.

  • I like the rain, cloudy, and sunny days.

I really am an outdoor person. I prefer to be outside as much as possible and I enjoy activities like sports, fishing, and kayaking. I bought a brand new car a couple of months ago and it’s big enough to carry all of my fishing gear. It even has a small trolling motor on the back. If it starts to rain, I can put up a small canopy that covers me and the boat so there is less water falling into the boat and less water for me to bail. I can be happy no matter what the weather is like outside. Sure, I prefer a warm and sunny day when I can spend my time outside with a fishing pole, but I can be just as happy to spend the day inside by the fireplace if it is rainy and cold. The only thing I absolutely need to be happy is recreational marijuana. I only recently started using recreational marijuana. I started after I moved to Seattle for this new job. Seattle has legal recreational marijuana laws and it is very easy to access. There are about twenty different dispensaries located all over Seattle. Many of the Seattle dispensaries have special sales and savings each day of the week. As long as you are 21 years old with a valid ID from any state, you can shop for recreational marijuana in one of the San Francisco marijuana dispensaries.


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