The dispensary didn't deliver to my address

My girlfriend came to visit for a couple of days last month.

We ordered products from a marijuana dispensary in downtown denver.

I was excited to show my girlfriend how easy it was to order marijuana products. One of my favorite things about living in Denver was the ease in which we can access medical and recreational marijuana products. I was trying to convince my girlfriend to move to Denver and I was hoping marijuana was going to be one of the biggest decision factors. We ordered several different items from the Denver marijuana dispensary. My girlfriend and I were going to go to the dispensary to pick everything up, but it started raining. We decided to order items for delivery instead. The marijuana dispensary is only 7 miles away from my house, so it didn’t take very long to get the items that we ordered. Even though it was a Saturday night, it only took the marijuana delivery driver less than an hour from the time that we placed our order. I gave the guy a $10 tip. I usually only tip $5 for marijuana deliveries, but I wanted to impress my girlfriend. I don’t think of it as being fake, but adding a little icing to the top. The marijuana products from the Denver dispensary were very tasty and super potent. My girlfriend spent 5 days in Denver with me. At the end of our vacation, I suggested moving to the city. My girlfriend hesitated for a moment and I thought she was going to agree. Unfortunately, she gave me five or six reasons why it still wasn’t a very good idea.


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