They sold pre-rolls plus vape pens in the casinos.

I had never been to Las Vegas, NV before, plus I was looking forward to a new adventure, but i idea on going to all the sightseeing spots during the day, plus spending my mornings in the casinos, then just getting off the plane plus getting through the airport turned out to be quite an adventure‌! Every one of us had to get on a bus just to get from the airport to where our rental vehicle was, an hour later, every one of us finally had a rental car, plus every one of us were heading to our hotel.

It was dark by the time every one of us got to the hotel/casino, however the lights made it seem like daytime… They were people celebrationing on the sidewalks, plus they seem to have such an amazing time.

I climbed into the Las Vegas, NV, hotel room bed, dreaming about the abandoned mining city every one of us were going to be going to see the next day. Just experiencing the heat of the sunlight beating down on you in the middle of June, in Las Vegas, NV, was enough to make myself and others not want to do anymore sightseeing; My best friend plus I, decided every one of us would spend the day checking out the local area plus spending the mornings in our hotel/casino, nightlife in Las Vegas, NV, was unlike anything we have ever seen. There were people walking around inside the casino selling pre-rolls plus vape pens, then people were walking around the casino, with vape pens in the hands, plus pre-rolls that looks like cigarettes. The smell of marijuana was faint, however it was there.
Medical Weed Las Vegas Nevada