I know Ann Arbor has equally good cannabis compared to CA or Washington state

I had the chance to visit the west for the first time when I was a child & my family took a cross country road trip to visit our family on the other coast.

Since I was so young, I barely remember anything from this long trip.

I know I have a tiny memory of seeing the waves at the beach for the first time in CA, but even that is hazy when I try to recall the images in my mind. That’s why I had wanted to return to the west coast again some day to care about it to its fullest as an adult. It’s not as fun trying to explore a current state when you’re a child stuck with your family & can’t go out on your own. But another reason I wanted to go out west for a long trip was to try their cannabis out there. I hear that the marijuana sold in CA, OR, Washington, NV, & CO is superior to what every one of us have here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. There are countless dispensaries across Washtenaw County, & I’m a immense fan of a handful. They sell phenomenal weed products, so I had a high common upon going to see the west. To be honest, I don’t know the weed I tried in CA or Washington was miles ahead of the cannabis I constantly get here in Ann Arbor. There’s a genuinely good dispensary downtown near The Diag on Liberty St. I can park in a parking garage & walk down to the dispensary genuinely before heading to my favorite middle eastern restaurant for brunch. Ann Arbor has everything to offer that you could ever ask for, especially when it comes to quality cannabis.

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