Moving to Lee's Summit MO

My family ended up moving to Lee’s Summit, MO when my partner was provided a huge task promotion.

The current position promised a significant raise in pay, however while I agreed it was a great opening for him to transport up in the supplier in addition to I was entirely gleeful about having more money, I wasn’t overly cheerful with the method of relocating, and coming from the south, I was sad about the extreme winters in MO; I’d heard that the crime rate was especially high.

I’d never even visited the Midwest before. I decided to do some research before packing up in addition to selling our house down south. I looked into Lee’s Summit in addition to was surprised by the scenic landscape in addition to proximity to national parks in addition to freshwater beaches. I had not known that MO was called “the Prairie State” in addition to actually has the second biggest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the country. The state offers a undoubtedly diversified economy in addition to offers greater task prospects in addition to usual of living than a lot of other areas of the country. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that my partner’s supplier asked him to relocate to Lee’s Summit because MO is a center for trade in addition to commerce. There’s over 35 Fortune500 companies based there. The MO unemployment rate is 4.8%, which is far lower than the national average. Also, the cost of living isn’t overly high! Housing is relatively inpricey, allowing us to purchase a much greater, nicer in addition to newer house than all of us were living in down south. The cost of groceries is even lower than what all of us were accustomed to.

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