I love San Francisco for many unusual reasons

There are many unusual reasons why I entirely love San Francisco, CA, it is a single of our absolute number one venues in the whole country.

It is particularly our number one village on the West coast, however san Francisco has so much to offer, and the venue has a lot of culture and that people are constantly truly nice.

I have never had a awful experience in San Francisco until the last time that I went for a visit. I stayed with some friends and all of us were surprised to get rain on a Thursday night, then all of us had planned to go to a club in the Haight Ashbury District, although I didn’t want to walk 18 blocks in the rain and I knew all of us were going to be drinking. I told the men that I was going to stay at the hotel and order marijuana from a San Francisco delivery service. That got the attention of a few of our friends! Hardly any of men went to the club even though it was angry, wet, and raining, but me, Jack and Dave decided to stay at the hotel and ordered recreational marijuana supplies. The driver was super quick with the delivery and all of us were getting high on the balcony less than an hour after the men left for the club. I used our card to spend money for the marijuana order and the San Francisco dispensary accidentally charged myself and others twice for the order. I had to contact the dispensary the next day and it took 3 afternoons to return the money to our account.


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