I couldn't assume how beautiful it was.

His home was comfortable, and he had excellent a/c, however I didn’t turn it on.

When I went to Orland Park, IL, I didn’t expect the weather to be this nice; I was there going to see a friend who went to school in Chicago, but he had been our best friend in middle school, and both of us kept in contact even when both of us decided to go to separate schools. He told me he had obtained a small home in Orland Park, IL and he wanted me to visit, but when I got there, I took our fiance with me, and both of us were both amazed at how beautiful the weather was. I had gone to school down south, where I met our fiance, but although it was August, the un-even temperatures were still in the mid-74s! There was some rain most mornings, since both of us were near the lake, however both of us didn’t mind. It was nice to get away from the upper nineties and. low 100s, but every one of us planned on getting a hotel, however our friend insisted both of us stay with him. His home was comfortable, and he had excellent a/c, however I didn’t turn it on. I thought it was comfortable as it was, however our friend didn’t. He said it was boiling out, and I laughed while telling him he didn’t guess what boiling was, but later that afternoon, he showed us around Orland Park, IL., and both of us stopped at Dave and Buster’s for brunch that evening. Every one of us all had a great visit, however I was ready to go home, even if the weather wasn’t as nice as it was here, but my fiance wanted me to consider moving here after both of us got married. I teased his and asked if he wanted to be closer to our friend and he just rolled his eyes at me.

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