A stopover in Los Angeles that I really enjoyed

My hubby plus I are planning a trip to Hawaii.

I found that I can’t get a direct flight there.

I can’t even get there with 1 layover either. I need to fly to a southern state, then fly to Los Angeles plus then fly to Hawaii, but my hubby plus I have talked about it plus we aren’t triumphant with the long travel times! To make it more bearable we are going to do a stopover. My itinerary has us flying to Los Angeles, staying two afternoons, going to Hawaii plus then coming back to LA for 1 more day. That means I will have three afternoons total in California plus will need something to do. I need something that will not seem like a letdown from Hawaii! What is there to do in Los Angeles? The Marvin Braude bike trail is apparently a 22 mile strand that people bike on while in the daytime. I am going to pass on that 1. I am not a biker… Echo park lake has pretty flowers plus fountains, but who likes that? There is a beachfront village called Venice that has canals you can play around in. I assume that is fine. Really the only thing that stood out to myself and others was that there is recreational weed there. I thought our hubby plus I could find a recreational cannabis dispensary plus hang out there a bit. Every one of us could get buzzed up in our hotel room plus then go to breakfast. That might be fun for 1 day! But what do I do the rest of the time?



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