I got to visit my son for a few days before he went overseas

My son has been stationed in Seattle for the past 10 months.

Recently I found out that he was going to be deployed overseas.

I wanted to be able to see him before he left, so I drove to Seattle to spend a couple of days. My son was very surprised to see me. It was an 8-hour drive all the way to Washington. My wife and I stopped at a couple of different places along the way. It was a very enjoyable trip. We also found good prices on recreational marijuana in Seattle. After we spent time with our son, we looked for good prices on recreational marijuana in Seattle and we found several different dispensaries that offered amazing deals. These dispensaries had products like concentrates, dried flower, and vape pen accessories. We chose a lot of different items to take back to our home with us. Many of the products are not available where we live. It’s mostly the country area and they have a large selection of edibles but their selection of vape pen and vape pen accessories is less than ideal. It was nice to pick up different types of marijuana and marijuana supplies while we were in Seattle for a couple of days. It was really difficult to say goodbye to our son. I know that he is going to be gone for a while. When he comes back from this trip he is going to be a whole different person and practically a man by then. Even though my boy is 20 years old, I’m still not ready to see him fully grow up.


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