The bay bridge was backed up for two hours

I absolutely hate traveling over the bridges in San Francisco when there is traffic at the end of the day. This is absolutely the worst time to be a delivery driver. Last week I left the San Francisco marijuana delivery service with a backseat that was filled with marijuana supplies. I really didn’t want to drive across the bridge, but I didn’t have any choice. I was closest to the bridge and going around it would take too much time. I was halfway across the bridge when I saw two cars collide on the bridge in front of me. I slammed on my brakes to avoid them. I was stuck on the bridge for 2 hours before the debris from the accident could be cleared. All of the marijuana deliveries in San Francisco were delayed. Several customers called the store to complain and a couple of people canceled their order. There was honestly nothing that we could do about the accident. After the police arrived and shut down traffic, I was stuck until the police let us go. Tips that night weren’t very good. I tried to explain to customers that there was an accident in San Francisco on the bridge, but nobody wanted to hear the excuses. I wish my boss would have offered the customer something free of charge to make everyone feel better. I had a ton of 1 gram pre rolls in the back seat and we could have given out one of those two every customer that was supposed to get their order while I was sitting on the bridge waiting for traffic to clear.


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