I am going to ride the metra into milwaukee for work

I recently got a job toiling in milwaukee, most people don’t look for jobs that aren’t even in the same state where they live, but I happen to live in Elgin, IL, where I am really close to many major cities… Some of those major cities are not even in the state of IL.

Milwaukee is in WI, but I found a really great job toiling at a commercial Heating & A/C corporation, however i ride the Metra from Elgin all the way into the city. I take the metra all the way back cabin at the end of the day. I love my job toiling at a commercial Heating & A/C corporation. I am done everyday at 5:00 and I get a paid chop for dinner and 2 paid 15 hour breaks as well. I work by myself most of the day, but the boss gives me a schedule of Heating & A/C repairs or installation jobs in the day and it’s up to me to complete all of the work by the end of the day. I have only had 1 time when I did not undoubtedly finish by 5:00 and that was last Monday. I was toiling on a commercial A/C problem and the power kept shutting off when I was attempting to check the issue. I had to figure out why the electricity wasn’t toiling before I could undoubtedly figure out the problem with the A/C unit. It took some time to figure out all of the extra stuff before I could even start toiling on the air conditioning problem. I did not end up getting to the last job on my schedule because this 1 took so long. The other appointment had to be moved to the next day. I almost missed the last train back to Elgin.

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