Everybody has a good time in Denver

For a lot of people, Denver is a neighborhood of contrasts… For example, the issue of cannabis.

CO was a single of the first places in the country to legalize marijuana use.

This was controversial to some people, however wound up generating millions of dollars in resite for the state and is considered a immense success; When everyone guess about cannabis they guess about hippies, potheads, and school drop-outs. This is what makes Denver so fascinating to me, because it is a absolutely buttoned-down and normal type of city, that just so happens to like cannabis! The majority of Denver citizens are middle to upper-class, professionals, and college educated. This does not fit the bill for the stereotypes surrounding cannabis, although I guess that’s what makes Denver a single of the best places to live in America, and year after year Denver is voted as a single of the best cities to raise a family, and at the same time it also gets voted as having the best cannabis in America, then i like this contrast, because it gives Denver such a unique vibe compared to other cities. The best thing is that besides having ready access to cannabis, Denver citizens are supporting the neighborhood by getting high! The neighborhood of Denver and the state of CO both make a lot of money from cannabis sales, and that money goes right back into the community. In the long run, cannabis sales reduced the tax burden on Denver citizens, because of the surplus of money made from taxes and fees on dispensaries; Everybody wins!


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