Went downtown

My wifey and I provided to take some friends to the airport in Los angeles, and the airport is off the interstate and it’s not hard to find.

That doesn’t mean that the traffic doesn’t make it a nightmare. There are lots of different ways to get to the airport; I took one of the interstate roads and I ended up right outside of the locale where I was supposed to turn around. I missed the exit for the departures and I went to arrivals instead. The people I was with and I were right in the middle of Los Angeles and I had the large truck. It was seriously hard to turn around and I could not find any locales for a u-turn. The people I was with and I got lost trying to find our way around. The people I was with and I lost nearly 15 fourths. I was actually ecstatic that our friends were not in a hurry to get to the airport. If they had been running late, I would have felt terrible, however after the two of us dropped our friends off at the airport, the two of us went to a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary. There are a number of dispensaries in the town of Los angeles, then most of them are right in the middle of the city. The people I was with and I tried to find a location that was simple to get more than one and not too far away from the highway. The people I was with and I found a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary with great prices on all of the products that the two of us wanted to purchase. The Los Angeles marijuana dispensary even had a BOGO sale on a couple of different concentrate brands and I got a great deal on a couple of grams of live resin.



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