I skipped an outdoor concert there

When I tell people that I live in Cocoa FL, most of them instantly mention the beach, Cape Canaveral or Kennedy Space Center, and indeed, those are the main attractions in this area, but there is so much more to do outside of those tourist attractions, but and being a local, there are times when I completely avoid the tourist areas… Those locales can get quite hectic especially while I was in the Summer when the weather is overheated outside, but personally, I appreciate going to Cocoa Village where there are events that happen all throughout the year! Concerts, festivals, arts as well as crafts shows, as well as everything in between! Living in Cocoa does come with some challenges though. I appreciate the Summers here but at times, the heat makes it impossible to spend time outside, but for instance, there was a free concert in the town back in June as well as myself and others as well as my friends wanted to go because it was with a local artist that both of us happen to love… Well, that day the weather was a scorching 97 degrees as well as because this was an outdoor event, there would be no , then so, I had to decide if I wanted to be outside in the heat or stay house in my comfortable In the end, I decided to stay house because it’s not comfortable being outside while I was in the day when the temperatures are scorching, as well as you have no way to stay cool; Of course, my friends were not cheerful with my decision, as well as they went to the concert without me. Ironically, they complained about how overheated it was that day, as well as I was just cheerful that I stayed house in my a/c.

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