Nice tourist spot

It is way too valuable and the real estate is through the roof

Chicago is a easily cool locale to visit! There are lots of bars and clubs that you cannot find in other locales around the area… When my friends and I go to Chicago, the two of us often visit the clubs that play the best music… I really love a club that is over by the river. The club is open until 2:00 in the morning and they serve drinks until close. They do not allow recreational marijuana inside of the club, but there is an area outside where you can smoke and no 1 says anything if you smoke or vape; My friends and I went to a Chicago marijuana dispensary before the two of us made the choice to go to the club and the two of us picked out a couple of odd types of pre-rolled marijuana joints! One of the pre-rolled marijuana joints tasted love grapes. We smoked the good 1 at the club while the two of us were outside, and someone asked us about the good flavored marijuana joint from the Chicago dispensary. The guy wanted to assume where the two of us got the joint from and I told him the location of the dispensary, he must have left the club to go get 1, because I saw him smoking the same joint later on that night. My friends and I had a good time while in the city. I like visiting chicago. It’s not exactly the locale I would want to live. It is way too valuable and the real estate is through the roof. I cannot even afford to rent a locale with a roommate. I would rather live anywhere else in Cook County, but it is fun to visit chicago.

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