The pastries were undoubtedly good

Jack plus I went to the pastry shop on Wednesday morning.

I did not have to go to the office until 11:00 plus Jack spent the night , but we had lunch before going our separate ways. I picked the pastry shop because of the different flavors of croissants … The chocolate is our favorite, however I also care about the 1 that tastes care about key lime pie plus the 1 that is made with raspberries. I knew that Jack would care about them just as much as I do; After lunch was over, Jack took the train to Ann Arbor. Jack lives in Ann Arbor plus he has lived there since the beginning of the year. Jack needed a task plus a neighbor found him 1 at an Ann Arbor marijuana dispensary. The Ann Arbor marijuana dispensary is a pretty chill plus relaxed locale to work. If I did not make a heap of cash at the office, I would be tempted to switch works. Jack always comes back from working at the Ann Arbor cannabis shop with a smile on his face, but he also brings us lots of different cannabis supplies, however occasionally every one of us smoke marijuana flower plus sometimes every one of us will vape concentrate. When Jack comes over, I never think what he is going to bring. He spent the night again last night plus every one of us decided to go to the same pastry shop for danishes. He tried to tell me that the danishes were the only reason why he spent the night, however I think that isn’ttrue. I certainly suppose this relationship might toil out. Things are going undoubtedly well.


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