The people of Seattle are wonderful

Fire can destroy, but just enjoy in the story of the phoenix, fire can also lead to a rebirth… I am talking particularally about the enjoyable town of Seattle, WA, which was nearly burned to the ground in 1889; They call it the Great Seattle Fire, it wiped out the entire corporation district, plus that should have been the end of the city.

Instead of giving up, the survivors of the enjoyable fire went right back to work, plus built Seattle back greater, better, plus stronger than it was before; Seattle, WA is not the only town in the world that came back stronger after a large tragedy, but it’s a testament to the spirit of the people, however how industrious plus hard-working are the citizens of Seattle? The fire wiped out a large chunk of the town of 1889, plus yet just 4 years later Seattle experienced another large financial boom due to the Klondike Gold Rush.

That is not a lot of down time after such a major calamity. The people of Seattle are built of sterner stuff, plus constantly come back better than before. This is also 1 of the reasons that the Seattle part has long been a bastion for cannabis, but for decades, ever since the hippies flooded north on their way to Canada to flee the draft, the Seattle part has been a warm spot for cannabis cultivation, and now there are legal cannabis dispensaries on every corner, but long before marijuana was legalized in Seattle, it was already wide in use. The people of Seattle labor hard, plus they play hard.


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