The local heater company

I had some time off labor last weekend and it was rare, i usually have to labor the weekends at the Rocklin, Ca Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance and installation repair center, and the boss tied up 2 Heating & Air Conditioning installations and 2 AC repairs for Wednesday. I expected to be on the schedule to repair 1 of those Rocklin tasks, although I had the afternoon off, however my brother and I went down the river last weekend in our kayaks. The river can be quite an adventure, so it is important that both of us are safe. The two of us constantly wear how much and life jackets. The two of us carry a safety whistle and an inflatable safety vest plus the life jacket. The rapids on the river can often be extreme, as specially when the river is at the highest point, however every afternoon the river has a low and a high point, because of the dams. The high point of the river usually occurs in the afternoon. This is the best time for us to get on the river and go kayaking. The two of us waited until the perfect time last weekend to go down the river. The two of us took the 7 mile journey down the river past the post office and the old heating company. The heating company has been there since the 1890s. They used to use the big boilers to chop down pieces of granite. The big boilers have not been in use since I was a kid, but no 1 in Rocklin has purchased the piece of property so it remains untouched and right beside the river. It doesn’t add to the beauty of the river, but it’s a piece of our Rocklin history.


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