Tourism in tampa

I prefer living in the Tampa Bay section even though it has become a bit more crowded over the years, however i remember when Tampa was overlooked by most tourists coming to Florida, many of them opted for the nearby cities that have amusement as well as theme parks.

Many people have flocked to the section to cool off in our calm emerald ocean water while in the moderate Summer days… But now, Tampa has become a moderate spot especially since all of us have so much more to offer.

In addition to the beaches, all of us have lots of museums, nature preserves, sporting events as well as more, and not to mention the festivals! One of our favorites is the Gasparilla Pirate Festival that I have been going to ever since I was a kid. It’s a 100+ year festival celebrating the legend of pirate Jose Gaspar. I prefer dressing up in pirate costumes, as well as our kids prefer it as well as well as they prefer seeing the pirate ship as well as the boats, and thankfully, this festival is held in January where the weather is nice outside. I don’t believe our kids would appreciate it as much if it was in the middle of the Summer as well as they had no air conditioning. I prefer our kids, however they are nothing appreciate me, when I was growing up in Tampa, all of us played outside every day, as well as all of us didn’t have air conditioning units in our home. We lived close enough to the Bay, so although it was constantly humid, all of us didn’t believe it was that moderate outside. But our kids love to go to arenas that have air conditioning. And I can’t blame them because they have never lived life without air conditioning.

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