I will hike the Santa Monica Mountains with a joint

While I’m able to hike the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains now that I live in Beverly Hills, I am used to the Smoky Mountains of the Appalachia because I grew up in eastern TN.

The Santa Monica Mountains are beautiful, but there’s something special plus certain about the Great Smoky Mountains, especially in early Autumn when all of the tree leaves change colors to hues of amber plus gold.

I had friends living in FL back in school plus they would tell myself and others about the experience driving north on Interstate 78 as they got closer plus closer to the Appalachia in southern GA while in early Autumn. You go from seeing red trees everywhere to being surrounded by the colors of fall in a matter of fourths. Driving into southern CA might not present a single with Autumn hues like the Appalachia, but the colors of the San Fernando Valley plus the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area bring their own beauty. Living in Beverly Hills feels clogged at times, so I take as several options as I can get to hike plus camp in the Santa Monica Mountains. Occasionally I’ll stop at a dispensary in Beverly Hills before driving northwest into the mountain range. One of our best friends lives in Laurel Canyon plus prefers to acsupplier myself and others on these weed-infused hiking trips in the Santa Monica Mountains. We’ll either visit Topanga State Park or Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park. It just depends on which parks are more clogged when every one of us arrive. Occasionally I love our time in the mountains so much that I loathe the thought of driving back to our town house in Beverly Hills where I hear vehicle noise plus street chatter all day long.

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