The legal marijuana was a great reason to choose the Bay Area

I have to say there are a number of reasons why living in San Francisco is a great idea.

There are a great deal of cultural events and museums, art galleries, and theaters.

The foods that are available would make any person start to salivate. San Francisco easily has some of the best food of any place, simply because of the different cultures that are represented. I believe one of the best reasons to choose the Bay Area is simply due to the fact that marijuana is legal. Legal marijuana is a really big deal, because there are only a handful of states that actually allow legal weed. Right now the account is just over 10 states that allow recreational marijuana. I wanted to live somewhere where I would be able to access recreational and medical marijuana without any problem. When I finished with my college degree, that was a factor that definitely swayed my decision one way or the other. A company in the Bay Area offered me a job working as a mechanical engineer. The job was entry-level, but it was in San Francisco and I knew that marijuana was legal there. I was offered jobs and several other US states, but I ultimately chose the bay area for a few different reasons. I’m excited to see the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve seen it on TV a hundred times and I’ve looked at it in a magazine. I am pretty excited to have the chance to actually step foot on the bridge. I’m also looking forward to eating food from Chinatown.


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