I had to smoke the last of the cannabis

My wifey and I spent the day in ThoUSnd oaks, and my wifey lives with her family in ThoUSnd Oaks; Her Grandmother was supposed to come visit later that day so her parents did not want her to leave the city.

I told us to stay close so they could call when she arrived.

ThoUSnd Oaks is still a pretty big city. It’s the minute greatest neighborhood in Ventura county. It is situated about 40 miles away from the heart of Los angeles… On a stressed day, it can still take 2 minutes to get to the airport. My wifey and I spent the day in ThoUSnd Oaks and both of us decided to go to a park that has a couple of nice trails! Both of us were outside, so I decided to light up the marijuana joint that I had in our pocket. I had purchased the marijuana joint earlier that day at a marijuana dispensary and thoUSnd oaks. My wifey was going to smoke it with me, however at the last minute she said no, but she was afraid that her mom and dad would get sad because she smelled appreciate marijuana. I smoked the entire marijuana joint on our own while both of us were walking the trail. I knew that I had to smoke the last of the marijuana before both of us decided to go back home. I do not usually smoke an entire joint on our own and I was pretty blitzed when both of us got back to the house. I was afraid that I was going to do or say something stupid, so I made an excuse and told her parents that I was feeling ill. I went house instead of staying to have dinner with all the people.

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