The cannabis pre-game before the hoops game was fun

Nobody in my family played hoops as a kid… The two of us didn’t even have the official hoops hoop in our yard.

The two of us never watched it on television either. The only hoops player I could name was Michael Jordan plus he no longer plays, but when I moved to Chicago Illinois I realized that there are a lot of odd interests teams here. They are pretty fantastic too; I decided that I wanted to see all the professional teams play. I had no trouble watching hockey, pigskin, plus baseball. When I found out that the professional hoops team was the Chicago Bulls, I debated on going to a game. What do I believe about hoops? I knew at one point Michael Jordan played on them. Was that enough to try a game? I figured it wouldn’t hurt. It would be a fun experience. I made a local neighbor Hannah plus she is obsessed with the team. She was telling me what a fantastic time it would be, then a group of us got together to pre-game. I figured this meant we would be drinking beers plus eating junk food. These people went all out. So recreational weed is legal in Chicago… Everybody brought pre-rolls to smoke plus edibles to consume. There wasn’t any alcohol actually, recreational weed was the new pregame of choice. Then I got to eat a lot of new home cooked food before the game. The actual game was only moderately interesting. The stuff my friends plus I did before was way more fun. That is a much better before game gathering than any pigskin game tailgate I have gone to.

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