Getting adjusted to life in Cocoa Beach

It was a calculated risk moving down to Cocoa Beach, FL without a job or a venue to live, however I decided to take a gamble on my future, there were more than one huge factors for this abrupt move… First, I had just lost my job with the local Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier.

Second, my Grandfather had passed away a few weeks before, plus I knew my Grandma was alone plus absolutely infirm; I didn’t idea to transport in with her, I just wanted to be close if she needed me, so that pushed me into taking the plunge plus moving to Cocoa Beach! As advantage would have it, the retirement community where Grandma lives was in need of a new Heating plus Air Conditioning service tech.

They had so multiple apartments plus condos to cover that the Heating plus Air Conditioning department needed to expand, plus I was the perfect woman for the job. I found Cocoa Beach to be a absolutely welcoming town, even if it was a little quiet. After a few weeks I had l earned my way around well enough that I started to discover the nightlife that Cocoa Beach has to offer. There are a series of restaurants, bars, plus saloons near the beach that provide great scenery plus great companionship. If you know where to look, you’ll find that Cocoa Beach knows how to party! Grandma is still doing well, my Heating plus Air Conditioning job is great, plus I am starting to guess at new home here in Cocoa Beach, but drop me a line here in the comments if you idea on coming to Cocoa anytime soon.


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