After the kid lost my wrench and socket set, I was aggravated

We were out in Glenview on a furnace repair call.

I don’t get aggravated or irritated very easily. I have a lot of patience, especially when dealing with other people. It’s one of the reasons why I make a great service professional. I’m great with customers and people and in their time of need, I can be a valuable help. My boss put me in charge of training all of the new HVAC service professionals. Because I am patient and a good teacher, the boss often puts the new guys with me. Last week I was training a new guy and he is easily one of the youngest HVAC technicians to ever get hired by the Glenview heating and cooling service provider. The 19-year-old kid had just finished school. I thought he was a little wet behind the ears, but I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He didn’t seem to remember very much about Heating and Cooling repairs from his time and school and I knew that was a bad sign. I honestly didn’t understand how the kid got the job. It was later that I found out that he was the nephew of the district supervisor. I spent the first day watching the kid closely. After lunch the kid lost my wrench and socket set. We were out in Glenview on a furnace repair call. I left for a couple of minutes and I had the kid finish up and meet me at the next job. The kid completely forgot my wrench and socket set back at the address. Thankfully the customer didn’t keep the items. Still, we need service technicians in Glenview that can get the job done

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