Fishing and working in St Petersburg

My dad loved to fish, so I learned early on in life that if I wanted to spend time with him I needed to love it, too.

Dad was a taciturn man, who worked hard to support his family.

He wasn’t outwardly loving or emotional, but he was a good, dependable man. I knew that fishing was his favorite thing in the world to do, so I started going with him once or twice a week. We didn’t talk much, just sat together and caught fish, but I remember those days fondly. I live just outside the city of St. Petersburg, Florida, and I continue to enjoy fishing to this very day. I work as an HVAC repair technician, a job that keeps me busier than I can handle. On my days off I always like driving through the city of St. Petersburg to the bay, where I spend a few hours casting my line and hopefully catching a few fish. HVAC is not particularly strenuous, but the long hours and overtime that I work really wears me down. Spending a little time fishing under the beautiful skyline of nearby St. Petersburg is relaxing, especially when I have a few beers! If anyone reading this has been thinking about getting into the HVAC industry I highly recommend checking out St. Petersburg. There is more work than the local community can handle, which means that HVAC techs from other towns have been driving in to pick up the slack. St. Petersburg needs all the certified HVAC techs it can get these days.


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