The game was on and I was trying to catch the end

My friends and I were watching the game on TV on sunday. I was on call for emergency repair services. We don’t usually get very many calls on football sunday. Everyone is in Phoenix at the stadium. My friends and I were watching the game, because I had to be available just in case someone had a problem with the AC. It’s funny, because we were watching the game and it was snowing, but everyone here in Phoenix is still using the air conditioner. The first half of the game was very exciting, there were six touchdowns and three fumbles. It was a great offensive and defensive game. I ordered some pizza during the halftime show and the pizza arrived just as my phone started to ring. It was my work phone for the Phoenix HVAC repair center where I work. I answered the phone on the fourth ring. The woman on the phone wanted to know if there was a repair technician available to help with an AC problem. I told the customer that I was available and I gave her the rates for Sunday services from the Phoenix HVAC repair service. The customer did not mind paying the additional repair fees. I told the customer that it would take about 90 minutes. The game was still on and I was trying to catch the end. I would have regularly just gone to the house and worked on the problem, but it was close to the fourth quarter and I just wanted to see the end of the game.



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