We bought a space heater that looks like a fireplace

The temperatures during the winter are very cold and frigid.

My family and I live close to the water where there is a lot of lake effect snow.

Excess moisture during the winter months gathers in the area and sits like a blanket of cold air on the whole city. My wife and I have been very cold the last couple of years. Our home is one of the older places in Evansville, Indiana for a heater that would keep us warm during the winter. We contacted a couple of Evansville HVAC supply businesses. Some of those places had space heaters that were modern and up to date. We were looking for something that was going to be visually nice. We didn’t want a clunky box in the middle of the bedroom. We were hoping to find something that would seamlessly blend in with the rest of the bedroom and all of our decorations. When my wife and I finally found something, it was a space heater that looked like a fireplace. It was about 3 ft tall and 2 ft wide and it resembled a modern fireplace. The electric space heater plugged into the wall and had several different heating options. There was a low heating option as well as a full blast heating option. When the winter temperatures were upon us, my wife and I set up the fireplace in the corner of our bedroom. It honestly looked great. It looked a lot like a real fireplace when you stood back and looked at it from the other side of the room.

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