You don’t need much to do in the area

When my brother moved to Missouri I was excited.

I pictured him living in a major city with tons to do and lots of places to shop at.

However, his work moved him to Lee’s Summit which is a smaller city in the area. I was at first reluctant to visit him. What could there possibly be to do? I googled online and there are six flags and a museum. Wow, how exciting right? Turns out you don’t need big attractions to enjoy Lee’s Summit. Since the area is quite cheap, my brother has an amazing house right in the middle of a large plot of land. He has fields, trees and flowers everywhere. He has a pool and a hot tub. Inside of his house is all new and modern. His kitchen has the best appliances, quartz countertops and hardwood floors. My brother also has this amazing smart HVAC system. Apparently everything is all controlled from his smart pad. He can change his lights, security cameras, door locks and heating and cooling right from one centralized pad. He even has wifi control of the thermostat and can use his phone to change the temperature. It was really high end and cool to experience. Since the weather in his area changes quite a bit, it really is an awesome HVAC tool to have. Most of my trip I spent at my brother’s awesome house. There are some cool nature areas to visit like the Lake County Forest Preserves, Old School Forest Preserve and Lambs Farm. Everything is just so peaceful in the area.

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