My top 5 favorite things about Las Vegas

My friend and I just got back from our week-long sojourn to Las Vegas, and I feel like I returned as a changed man.

In preparation for our weekly podcast, I have decided to write down my top 5 things that I loved about the city. I hate to beta-test my material on you guys, but writing things out helps to codify and clarify my thoughts. There is a lot to love about Sin City, and narrowing it down to just five things was difficult! #5 on the list is the gorgeous landscape that surrounds Las Vegas, Nevada. As you know the city is basically an oasis of culture in the middle of a sand-blasted desert, but those deserts give Las Vegas amazing sunsets, and sunrises, too! My #4 favorite thing about Las Vegas was the entertainment scene. It doesn’t matter what night of the week it is, there are dozens of different shows and concert in Las Vegas. The city parties every single night! #3 on the list is the amazing local cannabis. Before now I had no idea Las Vegas was so rich with cannabis dispensaries, and they offer the finest customer service I’ve ever had. #2 are the casinos, of course. When we think of Las Vegas we think of the casinos, and they more than live up to expectations. Finally we get to #1, my favorite thing about Las Vegas was the amount of beautiful women there. This is one handsome town! Combined with cannabis and the gambling, it all adds up to Las Vegas being a helluva town.

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