I had to climb multiple flights of steps to reach the customer

I started laboring as a delivery driver right after I turned 18, however i was laboring in a pizza shop in the kitchen and it was moderate and humid all of the time, when I turned 18, the boss gave myself and others a chance to work as a delivery driver. I made pretty great tips as a pizza delivery driver. One of my friends mentioned that the marijuana dispensary in Denver was hiring. I went to the website and I found a link for job opportunities. There were a couple of jobs available at the Denver marijuana dispensary. I applied for a job as a delivery driver and I got hired a couple of weeks later. I was trying to work at the pizza shop and the dispensary at the same time, however my schedule wasn’t stretchy enough to keep both of the jobs. I had to pick a single or the other and it was an simple decision to choose the job at the Denver marijuana dispensary. There are times when I wonder if I made the right decision! Last weekend was a entirely busy weekend, because it was the playoffs. There are a lot of people in neighborhood to watch the game. I delivered multiple unusual marijuana orders to the hotels by the arena. I also delivered a giant order to a purchaser that was in an new home on the 5th floor. The elevator was broken in the new home building, so I had to climb multiple flights of stairs to reach the customer. The purchaser should have tipped myself and others at least 10 or $20 for the order, however the girl gave myself and others the change which turned out to be three bucks.

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