Shopping and dining in Lowell

If there are two things that are iconically American during a vacation or a simple weekend getaway, they are shopping and eating.

Eating is a big part of life, and Foodies, weather self-described or a foodie by Design, are everywhere.

There is No better place to visit for Foodies than Lowell Michigan. Whatever you’ve got a hankering for, you are likely to find the best version of it in Lowell. In addition to stuffing your face, you can also stuff your shopping bags. In downtown Lowell, throughout Lowell really, shopping and dining are second to none. Whether you are in the mood for a quick stop and a quick meal or would prefer to have a relaxed atmosphere among friends and great service, you will find the place that suits your needs. Some favorite places to eat in Lowell include A classic, family style restaurant, A grill named after the famous river in the town, or even Delicious pan-Asian Delicacies. If you are looking for that perfect birthday or holiday gift, look no further than the adorable and Charming shops in downtown Lowell. You can discover unique gifts and treasures whether you are hunting for food-related gifts, art related gifts, or even Sporting Goods, do not neglect this adorable and Charming shopping district. When you are in Grand Rapids, it pays to take a little day trip 15 miles or so in to Lowell.Ladies, might I suggest a girls day out? After dining and shopping in Lowell, oh, why not head out to one of the nearby parks and simply enjoy a bit of outdoor time with your friends?
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