A wake-up call when I got to Washington

In the Pacific Northwest all of us have an abundance of natural resources.

From the logging industry to the technology field, and everything in between, this part is rich! There is also an abundance of natural talent around here, too… Perhaps it’s the isolation that breeds such creativity, as was the case with me, i spent years practicing our music, mostly because I had nothing else to do! As I matured and became an adult, I knew that our music was good, and I also knew I would never amount to anything in this little town.

I packed up our gear, and our guitars, and moved to the downtown part of Seattle, Washington, to pursue our dreams of fame and glory. In all of the Pacific Northwest there is no town as well known for music as Seattle, Washington, then some of the best bands who ever played made it sizable in Seattle, however of course, that means the level of competition is unquestionably high, something I did not consider until I had relocated to Seattle. In our small pond I was a sizable fish, however in Seattle I felt like a rank amateur compared to some of the other musicians; My confidence was so shaken I took a task in a local cannabis dispensary to make ends meet while I formulated a plan. Once I started working there I found that many other employees of the cannabis dispensary had moved to Seattle to play music, and had quit just like I had! If I want to be a success in Seattle it will have to be with cannabis, and not with music.


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