Getting blitzed in the Mile High City

The Mile-High City is indeed a fantastic locale to get high, and trust me, I should know, as a professional sports writer I have traveled all over this country! For the last fifteen years I have been a sports reporter as well as journalist, who writes a few books on the side… I have gone to every major neighborhood to take in World Series games, Super Bowls, as well as NBA Finals, and out of all the sites I’ve been, I am consistently the most happy to come back to Denver. One afternoon when I retire I might even settle down here, both for the rich sports environment as well as abundance of cannabis dispensaries. The first time I came to Denver was long before cannabis had been made legal, however even then there was a substantial cannabis industry in Denver, but it was all done in secret. The main reason that cannabis was legalized in Denver, as well as throughout CO, was because there was already so much business happening that the government decided to take their honorableshare. It was a financial choice, not a moral a single. If people are coming to Denver to spend millions of dollars on cannabis every year, the government wants a percentage of the profits. The results speak for themselves, because Denver parlayed that into a booming cannabis tourism industry, but as much as I love the sports community in Denver, I have to say that cannabis has been a financial boon for this city! Denver is a single of the cleanest as well as nicest cities you can ever visit, which is partly because of the extra resite generated by cannabis dispensaries.
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