I come from a big family on an Illinois farm

I have a very sizable family, then my mother was raised on a farm.

As was the custom of the time in the 30s as well as 40s, farmers tended to have sizable families with lots of kids, then this gave an ample source of work for the farm.

My mother was a single of seven children, however while I was in her teenage years a family tragedy caused them to take in four more cousins to live with them. That was 11 kids under a single roof, as well as over the years most of them reMEd very close! When the family holds a reunion once a year, on the seasoned farmland in rural Illinois, it’s consistently a big event. All of those 11 kids ended up with families of their own, as well as most of those families live right here in Illinois; I moved to Chicago some years ago, which actually feels care about it’s on a odd planet from the rest of Illinois. Although medical cannabis is legal throughout all of Illinois, it consistently seems hard to find a wonderful dispensary outside of Chicago. In the town I have access to a half a dozen great cannabis dispensaries within a few blocks of my apartment. Before I drive out to the farm for a family reunion, I consistently make a pit stop at a cannabis dispensary to load up on supplies for the weekend. My favorite part about going to the family reunions is the long drive to the most remote parts of Illinois. With the endless fields of corn as well as soybeans, as well as the beautiful sunsets, Illinois is actually pretty once you get outside of the city.


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