Visiting a dispensary during San Fran

My fiance and I recently spent a couple of weeks in the San Francisco area, then coming from the northeast, where the weather was cold, wet and windy, the green skies and sun were such a appealing change, but we visited Alcatraz and devoted an entire day to exploring Yosemite National Park and marveling over the sequoias! I am a sizable fan of 1960s music, so I wanted to drive down Lombard Street and check out the Mission, the Castro and North Beach towns.

I made sure to find the former Grateful Dead beach house in the Haight Ashbury district, my fiance and I also took a full-day tour of the Sonoma and Napa Valley wine region, and it was really appealing.

We met some super nice people, tasted amazing wine and had a good time, and the people on the tour with us suggested that both of us stop at one of the several cannabis dispensaries in San Francisco. They told us about a dispensary that includes a vape lounge, dab bar and a bakery on-site. The dispensary was not at all what both of us expected. I had imagined a absolutely small, dark and somewhat dingy shop with absolutely few options. Instead, the dispensary was pressing, bright and ultra modern. The budtenders were especially friendly and helpful. My fiance and I spent a long time just browsing the wide selection of products. We considered the assortment of flower, packs of pre-rolls, variety of vapes, tinctures, topicals and every imaginable kind of concentrate, but just the menu of edibles was amazing. We purchased some watermelon-flavored gummies, a chocolate bar and some cookies that were delicious.

The weed shop in CA