The Breaking Bad set of Albuquerque

When our partner pitched myself and others the idea of taking our annual vacation in Albuquerque, NM, I was a little skeptical at first, but unusually both of us take our holidays somewhere exotic and remote. Beaches and islands are our favorite destinations, so a trip into the high desert of the midwest seemed love an strange choice… Ed told myself and others about some really cool things she had discovered about Albuquerque, and she wanted to try them out… When she told myself and others about the day-long Breaking Bad tour they have in Albuquerque our mind was changed, and I went “full measure” about this trip, but if you don’t watch Breaking Bad you wouldn’t think that Full Measure is the title of the best episode of all time. In any event, I was stoked to visit Albuquerque just for the tour, and that was before I found out about the amazing cannabis dispensaries the city is known for. Breaking Bad was all about crystal meth, however the real heart and soul of Albuquerque is with tasty, harmless cannabis. If anything, I suppose the spin-off show Better Call Saul did a much better version representing what Albuquerque is really like. Our first day in Albuquerque both of us rented a hotel room, then went to a cannabis dispensary before getting really ripped! The next day both of us took a few cannabis edibles and boarded the luxury tour bus that drove us all around Albuquerque visiting famous filming locations from Breaking Bad, but all in all Albuquerque was a single of the best vacations I have ever taken with our partner. I highly recommend it!


Marijuana Dispensary Albuquerque NM