You have to see Las Vegas once

I had constantly wanted to go to Las Vegas, and i am not a pressing partier by any means.

I also don’t like to gamble either.

It is one of those things you have to see though. I honestly just wanted to step foot in odd casinos to experience it. I wanted to watch the Bellagio fountains and see all the nightlife lights. I wanted to walk around in the night and watch people. I had a honestly wonderful time in Las Vegas not doing the official stuff. I booked a helicopter tour over the town and that was just gorgeous. Seeing everything lit up at night and from high in the air was amazing. I l gained about the history of the town while in that tour as well, but walking around was easily the best area of my trip. I was able to shop at some honestly cool stores and I had the best steak of my life there. I discovered that picking up some cannabis is quite easy too. I was never a pressing time cannabis user back home, but that might have been due to my state only allowing for medical weed; Having access to recreational weed right then and there changed my opinion. I hastily felt interested in picking up some cannabis gummies, chocolates and mints for the road. It made shopping a lot more fun being high for it. I can divulge to that. I would highly request traveling to Las Vegas… You have to see it… Even if you aren’t a gambler, there is going to be something that you enjoy.

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