I called a friend when the heat pump broke down

I knew it would save at least a hundred dollars on the evaluation fees

George and I have been friends for a long time. When the guy has problems, he calls me to help. I have been there to lend assistance on several different occasions. The guy bought his first house a couple of months ago and I helped him with the roofing. I work for a local roofing company here in phoenix. We service the entire metropolitan area and all of Maricopa county. The roofing issues weren’t severe for George, thankfully. I put a couple of boxes of shingles on the roof and fixed two spots that were soft and saggy. I only charged my friends for the actual equipment that I needed to buy. I did not charge anything at all for my time or my labor. George is one of my best buds. I don’t mind doing him a favor. I know that that guy will be there for me when I need something. That is exactly what happened this week when I needed something from george. I was having trouble with my AC unit. Instead of contacting a phoenix AC repair service, I called george. He works for an HVAC commercial service provider. Jack was busy all day, but he promised that he would come look at the AC at the end of his work day. I didn’t mind waiting for my friend. I knew it would save at least a hundred dollars on the evaluation fees. George came to my place right after work was done. I greeted my friend with a cold beer, so he could have a drink in his hand while he was trying to find the problems with my AC unit.


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