The marketing meeting in Las Vegas was a blast

Being a telemarketer is a thankless task, plus 1 that gets harder every year.

All of us are vilified by people, who hate us beyond all reason simply because the people I was with and I call them at home, and i am not even trying to sell anything to people, I do iPhone surveys about national topics of debate.

The fact that I am a telemarketer is enough to make people mad before they even hear what I have to say! Getting out of the office plus attendinging the national telemarketer conference seemed like a good way to relieve stress plus let my hair down. The conference is regularly held in Las Vegas, every year, which was the real reason I wanted to go. I could care less about the conference, however I actually wanted to experience the glory of Las Vegas in person, plus sample some of their famous cannabis. It turns out that most of the telemarketers at the conference didn’t care either – they came for the Las Vegas nightlife, the casinos, the pretty ladies, plus the cannabis. As soon as the conference was done for the day, by 4 o’clock or so, me plus the other telemarketers flooded the Strip to start enjoying the sin plus revelry Las Vegas is famous for. I don’t like to gamble, however it turns out that the casinos of Las Vegas have a lot of other fun things I enjoy doing. It all seemed a lot more fun once I stopped by 1 of the good local cannabis dispensaries plus bought a locally grown strain called What Happens in Vegas.


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