Portland is a fantastic town to visit

When you work in an office that leases farming equipment, you don’t get a lot of excitement, since I don’t have a school degree my chances for a job were really limited, i took this office job because it paid well, plus they wanted to hire me! Although it is a slog, plus really boring, if I want to keep paying my bills I have to keep coming to work; The only thing I have to look forward to is the annual farming equipment convention, which is held in Portland, Oregon every year.

I have no plan why it’s always hosted by Portland, however I try to attend every time I can; Portland is a large city, but has the assume of a tired small town, a single where locally grown cannabis is readily available.

I don’t want to say that I go to Portland for cannabis, however I surely am ecstatic they have legalized it! Whenever I get a opportunity to visit Portland, I always go to a cannabis dispensary immediately, before I check into the hotel or register for the conference I stock up on a weekend’s worth of cannabis, but once I check into the hotel room I start smoking homegrown Portland weed before I bother to unpack. A head full of cannabis smoke makes the boring conference a lot more fun. Are there other fun things I like to do in Portland? Heck yeah there are! Live sports, an amazing local music scene, plus dozens of killer locations to eat, Portland is just a fantastic town to visit, but cannabis really helps.

Weed Portland OR