So surprised by Muskegon

I like living in the Deep South, where all of us never have things like snow or ice storms… Down here it stays nice plus hot all year long, except for more than 2 or more than 2 weeks in December, but i have never gone to the annual sales conference because it’s always held in some icy, wind-swept neighborhood up north; This year I didn’t have a choice… None of the other sales reps wanted to go, plus I am the only one who has never been before, so it was our turn.

I was not happy about visiting the neighborhood of Muskegon, MI, despite the fact that I have to disclose I’m ecstatic I went! Based on the size of the town, I was shocked that Muskegon had such a nice, sizable convention center.

I guess the old saying that “size doesn’t matter” is true, because Muskegon hosted a conference that was far superior to ones I have attended in NY plus Chicago. The downtown section of Musketon stretched on forever, with dozens of cool little shops, restaurants, plus hotels. It doesn’t ever believe like a tourist trap, but Muskegon has a whole lot of things for tourists to do, and then there is the little matter of cannabis, which I was not expecting to find in Muskegon. While I was strolling down that charming downtown section I passed by not one, not several, but more than 2 weird cannabis dispensaries! I went inside plus a helpful budtender told myself and others all about a locally grown strain of cannabis called Muskegon Skunk Weed, which is one of the tastiest strains I have ever smoked before.


Cannabis Store Muskegon MI