A driving tour of Seattle cannabis dispensaries

This year the immense tech convention was held in Seattle, which made myself and others particularly happy, but my old middle school pal Ben lives there, so for myself and others I got to use work as an excuse to go see a good neighbor plus have some fun, but i did attend a few meetings at the tech convention, just to cover our butt with the bosses, however most of the time I spent touring the neighborhood with Ben.

  • I had never visited Seattle before, plus there is so much to see plus to do there, and the thing I was most curious about, of course, was the cannabis industry here, then seattle has a reputation for having the highest quality local cannabis you can find anywhere in the country.

I won’t claim to be a cannabis expert, despite the fact that I have smoked it respectfully for almost 20 years, so I know a thing or more than one, however ben knew the neighborhood well enough that she provided myself and others a walking tour of the best cannabis dispensaries Seattle has to offer. There were a lot of great sites that the two of us didn’t get to see this time, because while cannabis may be legal in Seattle you still can’t drive under the influence. It wouldn’t have been much fun to tour Seattle while staying sober, so the two of us chose a walking tour instead; One of the dispensaries was affixed to a small, old-timey film theater! This was the best cannabis dispensary in Seattle in our opinion. The two of us purchased a bag of delicious cannabis edibles, then went into the theater plus spent more than one hours seeing Cheech plus Chong films. I can’t wait to go back to Seattle!

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